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Professional and caring outsourced support & server management services whenever you need us.

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Why choose us?

We're a company that cares about our clients & we're here for you.

Support when you need it!

A professional, caring outsourced support & server management services whenever you need us.

Around the clock...

Skilled admins working 24/7/365 at an industry-leading standard for you & your customers.

We're part of your team

High-quality outsourced support services with flexible billing options for your company’s needs.

Passion is our middle name!

Our passion for support comes from our extreme love of technology, giving and great human everyday experiences.

Our success is your success...

We're in the business to help people succeed online. In that process, every Vedova Computing engineer puts their life on their line for you.

Experts at everything!

We've got experts for all Linux, Windows, Web servers, Database servers, Mail servers, VPS systems, Control panels, Web apps, Billing & etc.

Pricing plans

Whatever you are looking for, we've got the plan for YOU!

Web Development
per hour
  • Plugins and API Tools Develpment
  • Fixing Professional Developer Help
  • Will include one hour of web development session
Server Management
per month
  • 24/7 server monitoring & rescue
  • Fast response to alerts
  • Security monitoring
  • Regular server updates

What our customers say

Our aim is to provide a fantastic service to our customers.
We believe we're doing just that.


Don't trust us? See what our clients are saying about our services.

Lewis A.

Great prices and an amazing support team, would not choose another.

Elvis G.

Unbelieveble speed, my website loads just way too fast!

Aryan P.

Great uptime so far, have had no issues with them.